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Let’s cut to the chase, how does Mennr add value to Automotive businesses?

Let new customers find you through Google Search & Google Maps

Get return business with email & text promotions

Strategies as personalized as a fingerprint

Become a known member of the community through Facebook

On call 24/7

Finding out what your customers want and how they view your business

Marketing Report Dashboard

Engaging with your customers by responding to reviews

Appear as a recommended business on sites like Google, Yelp, and Angi

We wouldn’t be comfortable letting someone manage our companies online presence without having oversight of it, and we don’t expect you to either


Helping you understand the process and what all the numbers mean is our job, and we love it!

Start using the internet to your advantage

Your certifications


Our certifications

Google Partner

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Varies depending on the freelancer

Limited to your own knowledge and skills

Broad range of expertise across different marketing disciplines


Varies greatly depending on experience and scope of work

Free, but requires significant time investment

Six month commitment period, then month to month

Time Commitment

Available during normal business hours

Requires significant time commitment from you

Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week


You have direct control over the work and decision-making

Sole responsibility for all aspects of marketing

We manage the campaign and report back to you


Affordable, direct control over the work, can be a good fit for specific needs

Free, you have complete control over the work, you can learn valuable marketing skills

Broad range of expertise, always available, frees up your time to focus on your business


Limited expertise, may be unreliable, lack of resources

Time-consuming, requires significant learning and effort

Higher monthly costs, 6 month commitment

Best For

Businesses with specific one time needs and limited budgets

Businesses with the time and resources to learn and execute marketing

Businesses seeking comprehensive marketing solutions and expertise

Make the first move towards setting your business up to succeed in the digital age.

Get in touch with one of our marketing specialists and conquer the upcoming busy season!

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Marketing FAQ's for Automotive Businesses